Welcome to the British Distillers Alliance
The British Distillers Alliance (BDA) is a non-profit making body which provides a professional service for independent and craft businesses in the spirits production industry and supply chain.  The BDA represents distillers, rectifiers and compounders and those in related sectors.

We aim to:


  • promote the interests of members within the spirits production industry;

  • represent members' interests to UK government and international bodies;

  • provide prompt expert technical and legal advice;

  • encourage exchange of information of mutual benefit to members

Membership of The BDA

BDA membership is currently free and aimed at small and start-up distillers and associated businesses.  Membership will fill the gap for new and small businesses who need close assistance whilst establishing themselves.

Although larger and more mature businesses may be eligible to join, this will be at the BDA's discretion.

Members and applicants for membership must agree to abide by a Code of Conduct (“code”) set out here. The Code of Conduct sets out the areas where BDA members are expected to be compliant.  In order to have credibility as an organisation it is important for the BDA that its members commit to complying with their obligations.  The BDA will assist members to identify and comply with relevant aspects of the code, such as training (including continuous development) and alcohol fraud awareness.


The BDA is an alliance of businesses currently co-ordinated by Alan Powell.  Alan is an experienced indirect tax consultant who has advised many start-ups and members of the BDA.  The Alliance will arrange its own steering group for policy formulation and appointment of officials.


The BDA will co-ordinate its activities with other trade assocations including the Wines and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA).  Those members who require additional services will be steered toward the relevant full service trade association.



BDA's response ...


Confusion has arisen ...


Call for repeal of HMRC'S spirits duty stamp laws

BULLETIN 23 Feb 2021

UK – EU excise movement procedures from 1 January 2021

BULLETIN 18 Dec 2020

An end to the main opportunities for alcohol excise duty fraud

BULLETIN 28 Nov 2020

HM Government Alcohol Duty Review Call for Evidence 2020 -  BDA response

BULLETIN 8 Oct 2020

HMRC to remove requirement for excise warehouse premises guarantees

BULLETIN 2 Oct 2020

UK Alcohol Duty Review starts - call for evidence